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Knowledge Managment has become an important initiative for organizations whose mark of excellence
lies in their efficiency and competence in managing vast amounts of information. Efficient Knowledge Management helps to close knowledge gaps and enable the generation of new insights and understandings which will ultimately enhance the quality of core business processes and outcomes.

In UPM, knowledge management is an integrated strategy which involves developing the necessary infrastructure and technology, promoting the culture of knowledge deposition, knowledge sharing and knowledge creation, digitizing all knowledge assets and using the collective pool of information within university-wide integrated work processes. At the highest end, the UPM Knowledge Management system provides instant access and reviews to experts in the university, executive decision making and the identification of intellectual wealth attained by the university.

The development of knowledge management a vis-a-vis a corporate portal,named the UPM KM Portal, is in line with the University's vision to make the campus a world class university with niche excellences in teaching and learning, research and consultancy and publications. The UPM KM Portal is the main enabler for the knowledge management in the university.
If you encounter any problems using the portal or have any suggestions, please contact km@upm.edu.my