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Knowledge Managment has become an important initiative for organizations whose mark of excellence lies in their efficiency and competence in managing vast amounts of information. Efficient Knowledge Management helps to close knowledge gaps and enable the generation of new insights and understandings.
My LPPT Quick Link Portlet
Bhgn 3 - Pengajaran (Teaching)
Bhgn 4 - Penyeliaan (Supervision)
Bhgn 5 - Penyelidikan - Input (Research - Input)
Bhgn 6 - Penyelidikan - Output (Research - Output)
Bhgn 7 - Khidmat Professional (Professional Services)
7.1 - Penglibatan (Involvement)
a) Perundingan (Consultancy)
b) Pengembangan (Extension)
c) Pemeriksa Dalam Tesis (Examiner to Student)
7.2 - Persidangan (Conference)
a) Hadiri (Attended)
b) Membentang (Presented)
7.3 - Keanggotaan dalam Jawatankuasa (Committee Membership)
7.4 - Pengiktirafan (Recognition)
a) Pengadil Jurnal (Journal Referee)
b) Anugerah (Awards)
c) Pengucap Utama (Keynote Speaker)
7.5 - Pembangunan Sahsiah Pelajar (Development of Student Personality)
Bhgn 8 - Khidmat Clinical (Clinical Services)
Bhgn 9 - Kepemimpinan (Leadership)
Bhgn 10 - Kegiatan dan Sumbangan di Luar Tugas Rasmi (Activity And Contribution Outside Official Duty)
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